Economic Recovery: From Triage to Rehab

There is a strong sense among business leaders that markets are gaining forward momentum. The time feels right for companies to be hiring aggressively, making investments and identifying acquisitions. Not that anybody is getting too carried away by the economic rebound given the number of countries still carrying enormous levels of debt, the prospect of higher interest rates and serious political instability. (read more)

5 Traits of a Great Leader

Vision, clarity, high-energy levels and a desire for control are prerequisites for today’s business leaders. The CEOs that are a cut above the rest possess other qualities too, such as adaptability, a knack for reinvention, bags of curiosity and a degree of self-awareness which allows them to build teams to complement their strengths and, more importantly, compensate for any weaknesses. (read more)

All Change for Executive Pay

Seemingly lavish rewards for executives with little explanation or context will always make for good headlines. It’s up to the chairman of the remuneration committee (remco) to disclose what’s happening in a fashion which stakeholders understand, while finding a way to blend salaries with short and long-term incentives which attract and retain the best people, meet regulatory requirements and drive high performance. (read more)

5 Tips for Leading a Global Team

Managing a globally dispersed team is a tricky proposition. First and foremost, you have to ensure people are collaborating, sharing knowledge and working together in order to achieve clearly defined objectives. To do this, you will need to be sensitive to other cultures, have a system which accounts for working across different time zones, and be relentless in how you communicate in order to avoid misunderstandings. (read more)

The True Value of Risk

A healthy approach to risk is one where a board has a robust framework in place which allows it to focus on the most important threats. Success will mean an organisation is not only resilient and well-drilled in how to avert or respond to a crisis, but strategically directors will be able to make informed decisions that can outsmart the competition. (read more)