What Defines a Quality NED?

The best non-executive directors understand the strengths and weaknesses of an executive team, knowing when to impart advice and when to take a step back. It’s a role that can help a business avert disaster but it can also be pivotal in driving decisions that can reap stellar commercial returns. Naturally, not everyone will be up to the job in hand. (read more)

From CEO to Chairman

The jump from CEO to chairman is huge. Suddenly, the old instincts and skills needed to run a successful business must be complemented by an ability to see the bigger picture, weighing up the interests of not just the executive team, but stakeholders too. It demands a radical change of mindset and absolute clarity of purpose. (read more)

Social Media and Your Business

While executive teams may welcome the ability of social networks and micro-messaging sites to bring an organisation closer to customers, there’s no denying the doubts and anxiety that exist around deciding on how this should be done. In fact, a lot of businesses – certainly at board level – still don’t have a clue when it comes to executing an effective social media strategy. (read more)

The Power of Networking

Building and nurturing a strong network of contacts is increasingly a key skill for today’s CEOs and non-executive directors. Learning from those outside of your normal circle of business interaction can inform and enlighten your ability to tackle the challenges faced in an organisation, and develop and sharpen your own personal leadership skills. (read more)