Future of AIM - 29-July 2009

Since its launch in 1995, AIM has become one of the City's greatest successes, but the global recession hit this market hard. As financial markets crumbled, investors withdrew from AIM and by the end of 2008 its share index value had plummeted. So what does the future hold for AIM? If, as economists are suggesting, we are seeing greater stability in financial markets, will AIM rebuild itself as the place to be for growing companies looking to raise capital? What will the market look like post-recession? And what will companies joining AIM be looking for? (read more)

Olympic Opportunities - 22 July 2009

Hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London will present many opportunities for UK organisations. For some, these will be directly commercial, such as winning supplier contracts for the various projects needed to host the event. But there will also be benefits such as the chance to increase brand visibility when Britain moves into the international spotlight... (read more)

Affordable Financing - 15 July 2009

Access to affordable, long-term sources of finance has been a major challenge for organisations in the current downturn. But as banks continue to levy higher charges on facilities, organisations need to give serious thought to the implications of these new costs on long-term growth and their financing options. (read more)

Relationship Building - 8 July 2009

For many leaders, the importance and value of solid, long-term business relationships is never more apparent than during economic downturn. (read more)

Women in Business - 01 July 2009

Can women in business make it to the top in today's market? Or do the barriers which have prevented them making it to the c-suite still exist? Marks & Spencer's Chairman Sir Stuart Rose recently claimed that there was no longer a glass ceiling. (read more)