CFOs: Making Sense of Disruption

Guiding a company through disruption requires a CFO to act as both gamekeeper and poacher. Provided they can adopt this contradictory mindset, they’re ideally placed to weigh up the risks versus the rewards of investing in new ideas, ventures and technology. (read more)

Rebuilding Your Sales Team

The confidence and energy of a high-performing sales team will permeate through an organisation. To create this, a chief executive needs to think long and hard about what types of business development people are needed, the support structures provided, and how compensation will drive their behaviours. (read more)

The Inside Track on Building a Great Board

“You need to have the right set of skills on the board,” says Mark Winlow, Non-executive Chairman, at employee engagement specialist Personal Group. “You don’t want eleven goalkeepers on a football team; you need a blend of players who can excel in different positions.” (read more)

The Curse of Meeting Room Silence

"Most transformations fail because people won’t declare that it’s going off track until it’s dead,” says Richard Holroyd of Centrica. Other sure-fire ways to fail include stifling dissent, ignoring local feedback and overlooking the influence of middle managers. (read more)