4 Things You Should Know about AI

Don’t be fooled into thinking artificial intelligence is a futurist fantasy. A study by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) found that 91 percent of European companies are already using AI and 57 percent see it as essential for global competitiveness. (read more)

The Heart of Change

Leading change in a way that’s both effective and sustainable is hard work. “Transformation should not be about reacting to quarterly results or driving change initiatives based on short-term numbers. It needs to be strategic, not reactive,” comments Tony Hanway, CEO of Virgin Media Ireland. (read more)

Is it Time to Rebrand Apprenticeships?

Specialising in a single career is starting to seem as archaic as a job for life. People are not only living and working for longer, but many jobs are being replaced or considerably altered in the wake of technology. It’s got some leaders rethinking the way people enter and move around the job market. (read more)

HR’s Role in Implementing Agile

For the last eight years, Amy Dickinson, a people and talent expert at PA Consulting Group has helped companies deliver large-scale transformation. Most recently, she’s responded to business’ increasing interest in adopting either agile methodology in its purest form, or its basic principles of innovation, collaboration and productivity. (read more)