How to Achieve Community Engagement

Social responsibility and strategic goals are not mutually exclusive. The more enlightened directors sitting on the boards of corporates understand that there is a moral imperative to engage with local communities, plus other stakeholders, before embarking on projects which have the potential to disrupt lives. It’s a pity that far too many businesses around the world continue to struggle with this basic concept. (read more)

The Value of Investor Relations

The management teams of public companies must work hard at investor relations (IR) if they want to be heard by the right audiences. It’s something that needs to be carefully judged, as it’s easy to fall off the radar with so much news and information available across a wealth of channels, but equally executives mustn’t make the mistake of telling a story that is more fiction than fact. (read more)

The Physical Attraction of Retail

Traditional retailers are working hard to make customers fall in love with stores all over again. If affections are to be won back, it will entail providing a more blended, personalised experience, whereby mobile presents the opportunity to send tailored offers and discounts, while the store itself becomes a place for shoppers to evaluate products with their own eyes, consult experts and socialise. (read more)

The Digital Dilemma for Banks

Empowered customers are demanding a seamless experience across multiple channels. For traditional financial services (FS) providers, this is presenting a number of challenges as they look to create an integrated, flexible offering which caters to online services, apps and utilises data effectively. As ever, this is easier said than done given the changes required, but it’s clear that failure to move with the times is not an option. (read more)