The Role of the Chairman in an IPO

Why companies leave the appointment of a chairman until the last minute of an IPO is a mystery. It’s the key hire for a business, greatly enhancing the prospect of success as the chairman is tasked with building an effective board, coaching the senior management team and calling on years of experience to ensure the story a company sells to the market is compelling and real. (read more)

Mission Impossible and the Remco Chair

With shareholders and politicians on the warpath over executive pay, the chairman of the remuneration committee now has one of the hottest seats on the board. The focus is on lavish rewards for woeful performance, but the real issue lies with a lack of perceived accountability due to the complexity of compensation packages. Ask any Remco Chair and they’ll tell you that simplicity and transparency are what’s needed. (read more)

Diversity is the Spice of Business

Opinions are divided when it comes to promoting diversity in the boardroom. There are the less progressive types who find it a rather tedious debate borne from political correctness. Others understand the pressing need to be braver and more imaginative when searching for directors who possess the right mix of insight, knowledge and expertise in ever more competitive global markets. (read more)

The Marvels of Corporate Innovation

Small companies are all about innovation and great ideas. It’s not so easy to bring a sprinkling of that start-up stardust to a global organisation, where success inherently lies in the processes that enable the commercialisation of existing products and services. That said, there are corporates which are purposefully setting about creating a culture where inspired thinking can blossom. (read more)