Tomorrow’s Leaders

There is a distinct lack of imagination among many businesses when it comes to developing the next generation of leaders. All too often, when the best and brightest minds get their chance to lead, their effectiveness in the role is hampered because they're unable to see the bigger picture. (read more)

The Language of Leaders

An ill-judged remark has always been potentially devastating for a business, as the jewellery entrepreneur Gerald Ratner famously discovered when a joke about the quality of his products nearly led to the collapse of the company. But what has changed dramatically for business leaders in recent times is the ease with which they can slip on a reputational banana skin. (read more)

Chairing the First 100 Days

Chairmen are defined by the legacy they leave at the end of their tenure, but their first 100 days in the role will be a key milestone. In that brief period, they must build bridges with management, glean insight from around the business and identify what needs to change in the boardroom. Success will largely be determined by the key conclusions made in that valuable first quarter at the board’s helm. (read more)

The M&A Board Game

In many instances, the high failure rate of mergers can be attributed to a lack of engagement by the board. All too often, the focus is on quick gains rather than addressing the cultural and operational challenges of integrating another company, not to mention the issue of ensuring that long-term value is embedded into a business. (read more)

The CFO and the Board

In recent years the role of the chief financial officer has time and again come under the spotlight. Successful CFOs have emerged with strategic and operational experience that gives them greater influence in the boardroom than ever before. As organisations now shift their strategies towards driving growth, how can CFOs continue to develop the skills worthy of them being considered de facto deputy to the CEO? (read more)