Differing roles of the CEO and Chairman - 30 June 2010

The separation of the chairman and chief executive roles has been widely debated in business circles. There are those that believe that separating the roles prevents one person from wielding too much power (in fact, this is the UK’s reason for implementing this practice under the Combined Code). The other camp believes that there are situations and organisations in which a combined chairman/CEO can be more beneficial than two individuals. (read more)

Securing a Role as a Non-executive - 23 June 2010

Joining a board, either as an executive or non-executive (NED), is a crucial part, and perhaps the pinnacle, of the career of most business leaders. But how do you secure such a role (read more)

Sport’s Economic & Positive Psychological Impact - 16 June 2010

Aside from the Winter Olympics, the FIFA World Cup is the first major sporting event to be held since many of world’s major economies fell into recession. It is also the precursor to a string of others, including the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and the Olympic Games in London. (read more)

A Health Check on UK Plc - Criticaleye Community Update 9 June 2010

As the world comes out of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, it seems that the UK, despite its long established reputation as a leading global business centre, is not faring as well in the recovery as some of its neighbours. The breakdown of certain British banks, wide spread redundancies and a new Government have left some questioning whether doing business in the UK is as rewarding as it once was, putting into doubt the standing of UK plc on the world stage. (read more)

Board Composition: AIM - Criticaleye Community Update 2 June 2010

Known for its ‘lighter touch’ regulation, AIM has been an attractive market for growing organisations, with some looking at it as a stepping-stone to full listing. However, many organisations of this size are often just exiting the venture capital phase, frequently with executives that do not have the experience needed for AIM. This is when the involvement of seasoned non-executives is beneficial. (read more)