Digital Britain - 24 June 2009

Will Lord Carter's vision for a Digital Britain provide companies with the means to boost performance and productivity? Or is it, as Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt puts it, an exercise in "digital dithering"? The report recognises the need for investment into the UK's IT infrastructure but many think that it doesn't go far enough... (read more)

Criticaleye's Success - 17 June 2009

Although not many organisations can claim to have done well over the past year, there are a few exceptions. Companies who against the odds have demonstrated growth despite a difficult market. I am delighted to say that over the past 12 months, Criticaleye has been one of a small number of organisations that have prospered and developed in a difficult economy. Through hard work and strategic partnerships we've increased the member base over the last year so that now, more than ever, the strength and influence of The Network of Leaders is clear to see. (read more)

The C-Suite - 10 June 2009

If the start of an economic recovery is in sight, as rising property prices and more positive economic forecasts seem to indicate, what type of executive and skill sets will leaders be looking for in the c-suite in order to take advantage of the upturn? Will economic growth spark a recruitment drive at a senior level or merely a reorganisation of the board's priorities? (read more)

The Next Generation of Private Equity - 03 June 2009

With the debt market currently frozen, private equity (PE) can play a significant role in helping indebted but operationally sound companies. The death of cheap debt does not necessarily herald the death of private equity if PE models can evolve to something based less on debt. (read more)