Multi-Speed Thinking in the Boardroom

The race to build scale and market share has resulted in many companies diluting their brand, losing their sense of purpose and increasing their exposure to risk. It’s one of the reasons why numerous Boards are considering divestments and demergers, as they’ve realised they need greater strategic clarity. (read more)

Earning Trust as a CEO

If CEOs are to successfully execute on the big strategic changes they need to make, they must first gain the trust of employees, customers and investors. Without the backing and support of those stakeholders, organisations are going to flounder and lose their way in increasingly competitive global markets. (read more)

Building Strategic Alignment as a CFO

Having diverse perspectives in a senior leadership team is integral to producing a robust strategy – the tricky part is pulling them all together. CFOs have a major role to play in making this work, but they need to balance being both objective and supportive, while having strong communication skills. (read more)

The PE vs Plc Approach to Strategy

The way a Chief Executive approaches strategy can vary depending on whether they are in a private equity-backed or publicly-listed entity. In PE, the exit gives a natural focus towards driving operational performance, while in a Plc it’s often necessary to construct a narrative which appeals to different shareholders about the long-term prospects of a business. (read more)

Driving Customer Centricity as an HRD

With customer expectations growing, no part of a business can afford to distance itself from the frontline. The best HRDs embrace this and put customers at the heart of what they do: walking in their footsteps, listening to their needs and ensuring the right people and processes are in place to serve them. (read more)