Tapping into Fintech Innovation

Fast-forward a few years and your banking experience will be very different from today. Companies are already gathering data on your transactions to provide a better service. For example, personal financial management tools will use behavioural analytics to prompt you on your spending habits so that you can save money. (read more)

The CEO’s Toughest Call

Changing a successful business model may not seem like a bright idea, yet that’s exactly what many executive teams need to do. Steve Holliday, former CEO of energy company National Grid, neatly summarised the dilemma faced by boards today by asking: “How long do you hang on to a business that generates cash and profit, but will be disrupted?” (read more)

Lessons on a Buy and Build Strategy

While the slow global economy means organic business growth is relatively weak, M&A continues to provide strong opportunities to develop a business and increase its bottom line. It’s of particular interest to private equity houses, which have significant funds to invest. (read more)

Questioning Digital Transformation

Forget legacy systems, many corporates are holding onto legacy revenue streams – meanwhile agile start-ups are nibbling away at their profits. The development of digital technology waits for no one, so CEOs and their teams need to instigate change. (read more)