Taking the Hotseat

There’s no real bedding-in period for a newly appointed CEO. The new boss must come in, quickly assess the health of the business, the quality of the personnel and devise a strategy for moving forward. In many ways, the leader’s ultimate success can depend on the tone set and respect garnered in those first few months in charge. (read more)

Leading a Management Buy-Out

A perfect storm is emerging for management buy-outs. Corporates are divesting, private equity firms have ample funds to invest and banks will lend meaningful sums provided the numbers add up. For talented executive teams, the time is right to step up and take control of a business. (read more)

Becoming Group CEO

Attaining the role of CEO is the ultimate goal for most executives. But what is required of you as a divisional CEO/MD/FD in order to smooth a transition to the corner office? Arguably, before you look to step into the top spot you should gain sufficient exposure to, and an understanding of, the ‘group’. But what else do you need to consider before making the move? (read more)

What Makes for a Successful IPO?

The margins for error when taking a company public have always been slim. That’s truer than ever given the on-going market conditions, meaning that for those management teams considering an IPO, it’s vital to put in place a board that has pedigree and traction with investors, and to ensure the business is robust enough to hit the numbers post-flotation. Basically, woolly fads and blue-sky ventures need not apply. (read more)