Critical Role of SMEs - Criticaleye Community Update 26 May 2010

Once called the nation of shopkeepers, the role of small- to medium-sized businesses in the UK economy, whilst underappreciated, is of paramount importance. Of the 4.8 million businesses in the UK, only 1 per cent of UK businesses employ over 250 people. (read more)

The Chairman & CEO Relationship - 19 May 2010

In the wake of the numerous corporate and financial scandals that have befallen the business world in the past decade there have been frequent calls for stricter governance. In the UK, this governance has been built into corporate structure by enforcing a separation between the chief executive and chairman. (read more)

The Coalition - Criticaleye Community Update 12 May 2010

Nearly a week after the UK went to the polls the country woke up to a new Prime Minister. Backroom negotiations have concluded in a coalition government between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats ushering in a new era for British politics. (read more)

Britain's Innovative Future - Criticaleye Community Update 5 May 2010

On the day of Britain’s general election, many in the Criticaleye Community have expressed concern that British organisations have become overly nationalistic and focused on problems within the country, directly affecting their ability to innovate. Members in the Community contend that a major feature of a post election UK will be reducing government borrowing and paying off consumer debt. Actions on these fronts will need to be complemented by a strong push on exports facilitated by a competitive sterling exchange rate. (read more)