How to Influence the Board

The most seasoned executives can struggle when it comes to influencing decision-making in the Boardroom. To succeed, relationships and business cases need to be built over the longer term, but there are still some on-the-day tactics that can make a difference too. (read more)

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Stepping into the top job can be exciting but also daunting, even when you are skilled and highly qualified. So, it should come as no surprise that many business leaders experience ‘imposter syndrome’ when they embark on their first senior executive role. (read more)

Stitching the Seams of Disruption

Boards and executive teams need to be progressive and imaginative, looking at new and exciting ways to accelerate growth. What they cannot do is fall into a state of complacency, assuming that the existing formula for success is going to be applicable in the years to come. (read more)

How to Reignite High-Performance

All businesses will face a dip in performance at some point. Whether it’s caused by internal weaknesses or a shift in the market, CEOs must acknowledge what went wrong, take action and learn from the experience, while bringing their people along with them. (read more)