Creating a Forward-Thinking Leadership Team

Short-termism is an executive’s worst enemy. According to Nicky Pattimore, Portfolio Director for People and Culture at the AA, it’s understandable why they want to focus on their own immediate priorities, but it invariably results in driving “the leadership’s siloed mentality downwards into the rest of the organisation”. (read more)

Delivering Long-Term Value in M&A

An acquisition that lacks an integration plan is a recipe for disaster. Oddly, it’s a dish that countless boards continue to serve on a regular basis, as they make the error of thinking that the end has been reached the moment the deal is signed. (read more)

Five Lessons on Successful Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of businesses in this environment of constant disruption. However, done badly it can be at best a distraction and at worst a strategic disaster. To avoid such pitfalls, business leaders advocate building the right structures and culture, while empowering local teams. (read more)

Lessons in Leading Growth Businesses

The challenge of a fast-growth business is to drive performance without breaking the organisation in the process. It’s a tricky proposition as a chief executive must be obsessively thinking about finance, talent and operational infrastructure. Get one area wrong and the wheels can come spinning off with alarming speed. (read more)