Walking the Tightrope of Executive Pay

The AGM season is underway and, once again, it’s being dominated by the clash between remuneration committee chairmen and dissenting shareholders. New guidelines and regulatory reforms have been designed to make executive pay simpler and fairer, but there is still confusion about how to link rewards to business performance. (read more)

What Every New Chairman Needs to Know

Taking a chairman role for the first time often involves a shift in mindset. Whether you’re used to being a heavily involved CEO or a less active NED, you must understand when and how to act. This means recognising what the company and its board needs from you. (read more)

Leading Large-Scale Transformation

A logical business case for large-scale transformation doesn’t guarantee its success. However, a good starting point for that uplift in business performance is when a CEO creates consensus in the top team about how to execute the changes. (read more)