The Value of Culture in PE

A company that possesses a good culture is far more likely to achieve success. As well as underpinning positive employee behaviour and external communication, a strong culture will provide a business with greater resilience when undertaking the major organisational changes that come with private equity backing. (read more)

4 Lessons on Innovation

What some call innovation, others say is simply staying close to their customers, but surely there’s more to it than that? Here, we highlight four key learnings on how to nurture innovation in order to keep your organisation fresh and relevant. (read more)

5 Traits of a Bad Leader

Often, it’s the simplest behaviours that can embitter and drive away employees from an organisation. Criticaleye spoke to range of executive and non-executive directors to reveal the most insufferable leadership traits they’ve encountered and their advice to overcome them. (read more)

Putting Your A Team into Asia

“While Asia has grown in importance for almost every Western company, many of them are lagging in the sense of having good enough management power in the region,” says Hellmut Schütte, Dean Emeritus of China European Business School. (read more)