Going Beyond Boardroom Diversity

The spotlight on gender inequality in the boardroom is important as such glaring imbalances need to be addressed, but in no way should the focus on diversity end there. To perform to the highest level, businesses require a rich mix of people so that insight is coming from those whose age, race, social background, gender and range of skills and experience are different. (read more)

The Plc vs Private Equity Chairman

Plenty of chairmen sit in both the Plc and private equity camps. It takes an experienced individual to do it well, someone who is equally at ease in the public spotlight, with its corporate governance requirements, analysts and media coverage, as they are accomplished enough to deal with the different shareholder dynamics in PE, where a chair is often expected to delve much deeper into the nitty-gritty of a business. (read more)

The Role of the Board in M&A

While the CEO and CFO will be responsible for driving a deal, it’s essential for other board members to play their part in providing robust input on whether an acquisition is in the best interests of the business and its shareholders. This begins by talking through the strategic fit of a target and continues with ongoing assessments of whether the integration process really is on track. (read more)

A Flatter, Faster and Fitter Business

Strategic, board-level decisions often fail because they are ground down in the corporate machine. While senior executives must be smarter at overcoming this by engaging middle managers and explaining why certain decisions have been taken, there is also a bigger, systemic question that needs to be addressed around organisational design and culture so that the best ideas are driving a business forward. (read more)

Making Your First NED Role Count

Taking on a NED role while still an executive is increasingly encouraged as it becomes more widely recognised that broader business experience will have a positive impact on performance. If the move is to be successful, you will need to do your homework – it’s easy to underestimate the extra time involved and the risk to your personal reputation if you end up on the wrong board. (read more)