How to Create a World-Class Brand

Businesses are operating in marketplaces with unprecedented international opportunities, retail channels and competition. When adapting a brand to meet the diverse and new demands of customers, leaders face a real challenge in keeping an organisation on the right track. (read more)

Who Needs Heroic Leaders?

A large part of effective leadership for CEOs of global businesses today demands having the self-confidence and discipline to allow others to make decisions. It’s about understanding an organisation inside and out but also knowing that delegation will create a culture that provides a serious competitive edge. (read more)

Exits: A Question of Quality

Don’t be deceived by Facebook’s $1 billion (£629.8 million) purchase of Instagram, a company that is less than two years old and has yet to make a profit. In the real world, those companies looking to sell need to show a track record of reliable earnings and prove that there really is the potential for substantial growth. (read more)

Burnout and the Boardroom

As much as the ability to deal with pressure is part of the job of a CEO, there remains a lack of maturity about how to identify and recognise stress among executives. Too often, stress is perceived as a sign of weakness and the ongoing stigma around it means that performance and decision making throughout organisations is being undermined. (read more)