The Art of CEO Succession

CEOs should view succession as a critical part of their role. One of the most likely indicators of successful CEOs is their ability to create and develop a top team that’s aligned to the future capability requirements of the organisation. But to what extent should CEOs nurture the process of succession in their organisation? (read more)

Fresh Innovation

The most successful companies know the value of innovation and creativity. They understand how to bring this to the fore within their own organisations, but they also draw on research, insight and expertise from external sources to gain that all important competitive edge. (read more)

How CEOs Can Drive Investor Relations

Confidence is crucial in investor relations. If the CEO can drive the IR process effectively by telling a good story, it will ultimately impact the bottom line. This means courting shareholders and analysts and telling the right story to capture the imagination of new investors; and reassure existing ones. But how frequently should the market be updated and which channels are most effective? (read more)

Are Women on Board?

The recent Lord Davies report, Women on Boards, encouraged leaders of FTSE 350 companies to include more women on their boards based on the needs and characteristics of their businesses. The report ducked imposing actual quotas and instead considered the factors that might bring about cultural change. On the one hand, there’s an increasing need for organisations to adapt their culture to be more welcoming to all-comers; on the other, perceived outsiders – women included – must demonstrate their willingness to engage with the group. (read more)