Chasing Growth in the Current Climate

The mood from a capital markets perspective was beginning to lighten ever so slightly before events unfolded in the banking sector, reminding dealmakers and Boards how fragile the economic environment is at present. (read more)

Calling on the Talent Creators

As global organisations continue to struggle to obtain the right talent, there’s a growing realisation that a different approach is required. Progressive business leaders are now putting a real focus on how they develop and nurture both the hard and soft skills of employees to gain a competitive edge. (read more)

Transformation Through a New Lens

An effective Chair and set of non-executive directors will ensure they don’t stray too far into the day-to-day execution of large-scale transformation, as that’s for management to lead on. However, they do need to have a framework in place so there is accountability around delivering on short and longer term, strategic goals. (read more)