Leading an Exit Through the ‘Double Bubble’

Exits are set to become harder to execute over the next 12 months, according to 68 percent of respondents to a poll conducted at Criticaleye’s Private Equity Retreat. The view from chief executives, chairmen and advisors in attendance was that investment houses will need to hold onto companies for longer if they’re to get the rate of return they need. (read more)

Five Elephants in the Boardroom

A high-performing board will be a hotbed of ideas, constructive debate and well-informed analysis. However, unacknowledged problems at the top table can damage all this good work. Issues around team dynamics, decision making and communication are common frustrations that are reducing business success. (read more)

Providing Support and Challenge as an HRD

A successful HRD plays a critical role at the top of an organisation: informing, supporting, but also challenging the senior team. This requires an excellent understanding of the business and an ability to build strong relationships, not only with the CEO, but with every executive around the board table. (read more)

Leading Your Workforce Through Culture Change

Executing culture change is notoriously difficult: 62 percent of attendees at Criticaleye’s HRD Retreat said that leadership teams often lack the capability to deliver it. The difference between success and failure can lie in the ability of senior executives to set out a clear vision, which will help bring employees along with them, and to build the right organisational structure. (read more)