Private v Public NEDs

The difference between today’s public and private non-executive directors lies not in the quality of the skill-sets and insights they provide, but in the level of risk and reward that exists for sharing that expertise with an organisation. In short, who really wants to be the NED of a publicly-listed entity when a hard-earned reputation is the very least that can be lost? (read more)

Are You Ready to be a Private Equity Chairman?

The future success of your non-executive career is tied to the outcome of the first companies you chair. You’ll have to earn your reputation, regardless of how successful you may have been as a CEO. Success will depend upon the relationship you’ve formed with the CEO, the executive team and the financial stakeholders. Can you influence a headstrong CEO or a divided Board with an advisory style? (read more)

A Dream Board

Balance and diversity are quite rightly heralded as essential for creating a good board. The challenge in achieving this is often not a lack of will, but rather trying to find the people who have the knowledge, experience and commitment to push an organisation to the next level. This is especially the case for public companies, where onerous liabilities and personal risk remain extreme for board members. (read more)

The Return of M&A?

The appetite for M&A is growing again as cash-rich corporates and private equity firms seek to capitalise on the increased realism from vendors concerning pricing and valuations.That said, it’s probably too soon to think we are returning to the giddy heights of 2007 as the emphasis for dealmakers remains very much on quality and delivering long-term value to investors. (read more)

Advice For First-Time CEOs

It’s your first day as a new CEO and everyone is looking at you. Many eyes are scrutinising your every word, the actions to which they will lead and the implications your leadership will have on their jobs and the direction of the business. How do you prepare for such a challenge? Criticaleye called on the collective wisdom of a number of current and former CEOs from within the Community to share what they wish they had known when they first took on the role. (read more)