NED Challenges - 25 March 2009

Ian Harley, Non-executive Director for British Energy plc and Remploy Ltd, explains, "the focus will be very much on survival strategies so the real challenge for NEDs will be not to let the executive hunker down too much, or do long-term harm to the business by simply pursuing short-term savings. The fastest out of the blocks as the recession wanes will be the winner." (read more)

Global Leadership - 18 March 2009

Paul Drechsler, Chairman and Chief Executive of Wates Group Ltd describes how companies should be using the downturn to their advantage. He says, "Never has there been a better time to reengage employees, to get them to rethink what business their company is in, the role and purpose of that company and what difference it makes to the wider world." (read more)

Asset Revaluation - 11 March 2009

John Allkins, Non-executive Director for Intec offers this advice to businesses going through the asset revaluation process: "The markets expect that asset valuations, both tangible and intangible, will need to be reviewed. But the consequences, both external and internal, need to be thought through as companies engage in this exercise. Marking to market is fine as a concept if the market is one where real trades, as opposed to financial bets, are taking place." (read more)

First-time CEOs - 4 March 2009

Rakesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer for Goldshield, says, "It is vital to establish leadership style. With market conditions being unpredictable, it is also extremely important to manage expectations and have an effective communications strategy in place to deal with stakeholders". (read more)