Defining Moments for a CEO

Transformation and business model change is the common thread which unites chief executives from around the globe. There is a relentless need to innovate in the face of new technology, shifting demographics and an uncertain socio-economic landscape. (read more)

Reimagining the Role of the Chair

As stakeholders demand more, the remit of the Board is growing. NEDs are grappling with everything from climate change to diversity and inclusion. Chairs must make sure their Board is equal to the challenge, and this means looking at how their own role needs to transform too. (read more)

Learning to Embrace Your Imposter

Senior leaders are under pressure to lead with confidence and conviction at all times. However, in quiet moments, many of us question our own competency. To move forward, executives should focus on their achievements, seek support from a trusted source and acknowledge that imposter syndrome even comes with some benefits. (read more)