Balancing the Needs of Your Stakeholders

Business leaders agree that the job of navigating stakeholders is becoming more complex and time consuming. In a world of 24-7 news and social media-empowered interest groups, it can feel like chasing a constantly changing story. Add in a transformation programme or a crisis and the challenge intensifies. (read more)

Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

Senior leaders recognise that employees are better engaged and productive when an organisation is more diverse and inclusive. Not only does it make sound business sense, but it creates a working environment that enriches and helps retain the workforce. (read more)

Creating Breathing Space as a CFO

CFOs know that they should have an externally-facing perspective and the desire to seek out new thinking. This can be hard to achieve in practice when the pressure is on to hit numbers and drive performance, as demonstrated by the findings of Criticaleye’s latest CFO Research. (read more)

The Art of Cost Cutting

Businesses are often under pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously improving both customer experience and overall performance. It’s a tricky balance to achieve but it is possible if leaders think longer term and can win buy-in from their people. (read more)