Combatting the Fear to Challenge

In research conducted at Criticaleye’s recent Non-executive Director Retreat, attendees said the top reason management teams fail is that people are afraid to challenge and speak openly. Boardroom culture, human frailty and not knowing how to debate constructively are common root causes. (read more)

Creating Bandwidth in the Top Team

The pressure on CEOs and leadership teams is relentless. There are myriad internal and external meetings to attend, endless reports to read and produce, and investors that need to be kept happy. Somehow, amid of all this, they are supposed to think about what the business might look like in five to ten years’ time. (read more)

Building Diversity in the Leadership Team

A diverse range of voices and opinions in the leadership team can be extremely beneficial, both in terms of creating a better working environment and by directly improving business performance. However, many organisations are still struggling to get this representation in the top team right. (read more)

The Value of an Independent Group HRD

The best Group HRDs understand the importance of independence. “You have to provide a safe environment for your CEO and executive team to test ideas; to think about things out loud; to be challenged,” says Barry Hoffman, Group HRD at Computacenter. (read more)