Delivering Business Strategy as an HRD

Chief executives want their HR Director to provide a clear picture of how the talent agenda supports the business strategy. HRDs also need to possess the mettle to hold the senior leadership team to account when required. (read more)

How to be a Successful CEO

Business leaders need to walk a fine line between articulating a strong vision while also demonstrating a degree of humility, as their ultimate success will depend on the people around them. Adam Winslow, Chief Executive of AIG Life UK, comments: “The day a CEO stops learning and evolving is the day they may as well pack up and go home.” (read more)

5 Lessons on Resilience for Thriving Businesses

Success can quickly result in complacency within leadership teams, which can leave a business vulnerable. So, what can CEOs do to ensure senior executives stay focused on performance, but also retain a healthy understanding of the risks around finance, talent and market disruption? (read more)

Is Your Leadership Team too Tactical?

Many executives are under huge pressure as they fight fires, manage significant change, and are expected to hit ambitious targets. When operating at such a fast pace, it’s easy to succumb to a short-term outlook, where tactics are the order of the day and strategy falls by the wayside. (read more)