How to Create a Winning Leadership Team

It is relatively easy for a CEO to agree a strategy with the board. The hard part lies in deciding the mix of skills and personalities the ExCo requires to deliver it, and then galvanising those functional experts into a cohesive team. (read more)

Leaders Reveal Their Biggest Career Challenge

Senior executives will face many challenges throughout their career. Whether it’s dealing with activist shareholders, a new organisational model or a career change, good leaders will see these hurdles as an opportunity to learn and improve. We asked the Criticaleye Community to share some of their biggest challenges and what they learnt from them. (read more)

4 Common Mistakes in M&A

Gone are the days when cost synergies alone could justify an acquisition premium. Today’s management teams have got to work harder to clarify the strategic rationale behind a merger or acquisition, not only to convince shareholders and the board, but to ensure the integration process builds value. (read more)

Keeping Pace in Retail

Retailers can swiftly find themselves blown off course by the ill-winds of tightening consumer budgets and the need to reduce operating costs. This pressure on margins is forcing those in retail to streamline processes and improve overall productivity – yet they must still meet customer demand. (read more)