Trust in the Top Team

A business can move so much faster when leaders trust one another and are able to work together towards a common goal. Conversely, when senior executives behave as a disparate collection of individuals, the consequences affect not only the CEO, but the entire business. (read more)

Are You Ready to IPO?

While a slowdown in IPOs is to be expected given the volatility in the global economy, plenty of chief executives will be keeping their options open over the course of 2016. Should they decide to go public, current market conditions serve to reinforce the need for a business to be in the best possible shape. (read more)

Cleaning Up the Supply Chain

Many large businesses are battling to regain control of their supply chains. The lack of transparency due to off-shoring, myriad partnerships and poor data management means that a chief executive and their board can appear clueless when a scandal breaks. (read more)

Lessons in Leadership

Good leaders have the ability to empower and influence others. In the world of business, performance levels drop when leaders confuse their roles and responsibilities with those of task-oriented managers. Although both are equally necessary, what they provide an organisation should be seen through two different lenses. (read more)