CEO & Chairman: The Perfect Chemistry

Trust between the CEO and chairman is essential if a business is to achieve its goals. Without that basic element, communication soon breaks down and rifts appear in the boardroom. No one expects a match made in heaven, but a weak and ineffective relationship will quite easily lead to a business losing its focus. (read more)

Getting Real Value from M&A

The long expected surge of M&A activity as companies with strong balance sheets picked rivals up on the ‘cheap’ hasn’t come to pass. Good companies have held their value and management teams understandably want to know exactly what they’re buying before putting their reputations on the line by giving the green light to a transaction. (read more)

Navigating the Euro Crisis

As Italy, Portugal and Spain get downgraded by credit-rating agency Moody’s and leaders from the EU go cap-in-hand to Beijing, it’s understandable that businesses remain confused about how to navigate the euro crisis. That said, executive teams cannot fall into a state of paralysis and must recognise there will be opportunities amid the ongoing chaos. (read more)

Who Drives Employee Engagement?

It sounds simple enough: employee engagement is achieved through listening and communicating with clarity and authenticity. Strange then that many organisations fall short when trying to achieve this and seriously struggle with an almost institutionalised disconnect between employees and senior management. (read more)

Agility and the Role of the HQ

Agility has become the lifeblood of a successful corporate. That cultural transfusion is not exactly easy for more traditional boards to accept, but in such volatile times it’s now often the case that it is the divisional and country managers who need to make key decisions in their respective local markets to keep that competitive edge. markets to keep that competitive edge. (read more)