Global Perspectives for Growth

Currently, 16 per cent of the world’s population has 60 per cent of the world’s GDP. This is set to change. Business leaders must therefore use a macro lens to focus attention on their corporate structures and to inform and change behaviours in their own organisation. How can businesses respond swiftly and effectively to uncertainty and take advantage of the opportunities in growth markets? (read more)

Making Boards Better

Major business failures and, by association, those of their boards, over the past decade have brought about a plethora of new corporate governance codes such as the Combined Code in the UK and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the United States. These codes are intended to be the parameters in which boards and their directors operate. (read more)

Unlocking the Potential of Clean Technologies

With the wheels of the Sustainability Revolution now in motion, the next decade will represent a disaggregation of carbon in the value chain. This drive for low carbon growth is reshaping the rules of supply, demand and regulation. While some businesses have been quick to innovate, mistrust, delusion and disengagement still exist. As sustainability becomes increasingly ingrained in the business agenda, leaders must consider who has the innovation and competitive advantage. (read more)

CEOs & Decision Making

Life is full of decision-making with the average person making thousands of decisions each day. CEOs, by the nature of their role, are of course likely to have to make more than the average – at least in terms of the ‘big’ ones. As some decisions are made on intuition and others require a broad range of data to support them, we interviewed a number of CEOs about how they make decisions and how intuition and data can work together. (read more)