A Look Back on 2018

The levels of political and economic uncertainty have steadily increased over the course of 2018. This inevitably fosters a more cautious approach among business leaders, as they have to weigh up how to invest in the future, while also being aware that markets can quickly tighten up or close completely. (read more)

The Relationship Between the CEO & CFO

Everything moves so much easier in an organisation when the CEO and CFO work well together. In many ways, people will look at the relationship between the two as a bellwether for the culture and long-term health of the business. (read more)

Creative Stakeholder Engagement

Business leaders need to be able to influence and inspire multiple stakeholders if they are to succeed. Storytelling is a powerful way to get people to engage with your vision for an organisation, but the narrative you use needs to be consistent, truthful and tailored to the audience. (read more)