A Look Back on 2017

2017 feels like the year when boards finally realised that the threat of disruption really did apply to their organisations after all. It wasn’t just a fluffy abstract notion that consultants talked about when name dropping Uber and Airbnb, but something real and applicable for every kind of organisation, large and small. (read more)

5 Tips for Leading Transformation

Large-scale change is destined to fail when executives allow it to become an end in itself and forget what’s most important for the business. “You have to be very aware of customers during the transformation process; you must not let them down,” comments Paul Lester, Chairman of Essentra and former CEO of VT Group. (read more)

The Future of the Workplace

The world of work is changing irrevocably. "In terms of our employed workforce, what we’re saying to them is we don’t think a single one of us will be doing the same job, in the same way, in 5 years’ time," says Alisdair Cameron, Chief Finance & Operations Officer of the Post Office. (read more)