Looking Back on 2016

2016 has not been kind to those of us who like our comfort zones. We’ve been kept on our toes by mega-acquisitions, exploding smartphones, industrial scale cyber crime and the high drama of Brexit. When the loss of musical legends and downsized chocolate bars are thrown into the mix, it’s understandable that some of us mere mortals have wanted to take to the hills. (read more)

The Business of Giving

Senior executives can have an impact that goes way beyond the balance sheet and achieving healthy returns for investors. “As we have the privilege of running businesses, we can be influential,” says Justin Ash, CEO of Oasis Healthcare. “I have my own sphere of influence and that means there is an opportunity to make a difference.” (read more)

Making the Most of a Liquid Workforce

Standby for a very different world of work. Digital disruption, globalisation and robotics are dramatically transforming the way businesses operate. As a result, numerous jobs will disappear and those that remain will be reshaped. It’s impossible to know what roles will exist in the future, so forward-thinking HRDs are recruiting employees who are adaptable to change. (read more)

Making Corporate Entrepreneurship a Reality

Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself sitting in the boardroom of a global company with a confused, pained expression, wondering how your organisation has fallen into the shadows of its own success. You’re not alone – there are plenty of senior executives out there trying to fathom how to respond to new market dynamics. (read more)