The Outlook for Business in 2014

If the winds of change haven’t been felt already, business leaders should be tacking hard and plotting a course for growth. Boards that have learned valuable lessons over the last five years around managing budgets, investing in technology and growing talent, and who have made the necessary strategic and operational recalibrations to take advantage of new opportunities, will be the ones who prosper. (read more)

The Changing Role of the CFO

By necessity, chief financial officers have to be able to see the bigger picture. With rising commodity prices, fluctuating currencies, greater oversight and regulation, cost cutting and the emergence of new economic powerhouses, it’s essential that a CFO has a firm grip on risk and controls but is also able to have a strategic overview of where an organisation needs to be heading. (read more)

The Shifting Priorities of the HRD

How best to manage talent remains a hot issue for businesses as many seek to refine and reshape operating models. It’s why good HRDs continue to grow in stature, given they are uniquely placed to understand the skills and resources which span an organisation, where areas can be strengthened, what has to change and how realistic the board's strategic plans might be. (read more)