Risk and Reward in 2013

Hold onto your hats as it’s going to be another rollercoaster ride over the coming 12 months. Businesses will both flourish and be punished by changing industries and shifting consumer habits, while market confidence soars and plummets in cardiogram fashion as countries continue to battle through the debt crisis. So where do the opportunities and key risks lie for businesses in 2013? (read more)

Group Therapy for the Board

If the status quo within a business needs to be challenged then board evaluations provide the ideal opportunity to test assumptions. Executed properly, they will bring to the surface just how aligned members of the board are on strategy, where points of conflict may be lurking, and whether the senior team has the talent to drive the organisation forward. (read more)

Why Social Media has Changed Innovation

The sources of innovation are changing. As communication channels evolve, companies must learn new ways to open up to customers and collaborate with employees and third parties in order to develop ideas. Harnessing those insights so that experimentation and business strategy are aligned is a major headache, but it’s one that must be dealt with if organisations are to stay competitive. (read more)