Looking Back on 2011

The sharpest minds in business have long known that just holding out and hunkering down for market conditions to return to ‘normal’ was no real strategy at all. Leadership styles are evolving to encourage agility in decision-making in order to create value and build better businesses. (read more)

How to Kick-start the Global Economy

The case for renewable energy invariably centres on climate change and the damage fossil fuels cause to the planet. But there is a view that our reliance on oil, coal and natural gas is at the heart of the economic crisis that is besieging the West and, unless alternatives are found and fully committed to, these problems aren’t simply going to go away. (read more)

Leadership: Winning Hearts and Minds

Enough is enough. That seems to be the view of the general public when it comes to the great and the not-so-good abusing their power and wealth. In the face of this crisis of confidence, leadership teams are finally getting their act together and realising that transparency and trust are vital business assets in the 21st century. (read more)