The CFO as a Storyteller

Storytelling is a crucial skill for all high-performing CFOs. They need to be able to explain an organisation’s strategy for growth, including its purpose, in a way that’s compelling to a wide and complex mix of stakeholders. (read more)

Navigating Icebergs as a CFO

If businesses are to succeed within today’s perilous operating environment, CFOs will need to equip themselves for a testing journey. They must use tech-enabled finance functions to identify where the real risks lie and then challenge the rest of the business to respond. (read more)

Transforming Your Business Through ESG

As the calls for action over environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns become more strident – from media examination of business conduct to climate change protesters on the streets – organisations are finding they must demonstrate that what they’re doing is sustainable and ethical as well as profitable. (read more)

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome as CEO

When Dave Lewis announced he was stepping down as Chief Executive of Tesco after five years at the helm, he caught many in the retail industry and beyond off guard. On closer analysis, such a departure may not be overly surprising in today’s business environment. (read more)