The CFO of the Future

Groundbreaking new technology is set to make the finance function leaner, faster and more focused on supporting commercial goals. The question is: are CFOs and finance professionals ready to make the transition?  (read more)

Avoiding a Schism in the Top-Team

“One of the hardest things for a Board to cope with is a fracture between the CEO and the CFO,” said Gareth Davis, Chair of Ferguson. In such circumstances, it’s almost inevitable that one of the two parties will have to go, but how do you avoid such a situation from occurring? (read more)

Creating a Strategy with Crunch

Coming up with a plan for the future is one thing, but delivering on it is something else entirely. In research conducted by Criticaleye earlier this year at the CEO Retreat, only 23 percent of respondents said they had full confidence in their executive team to deliver on the medium to long-term strategy. (read more)

Embracing Ambiguity in Global Businesses

Regional leaders in global businesses must juggle direction from the centre with the autonomy that is necessary to operate successfully in local markets. They have to embrace diversity, while also aligning their people in pursuit of a common goal. (read more)