Executive Decisions on Diversity

For the first time in the history of the London Stock Exchange, there are no all-male boards in the FTSE 100. This landmark improvement in gender diversity is both significant and encouraging, but the bigger, and worryingly overlooked, challenge is getting more women onto executive committees. (read more)

How CEOs Set the Pace in Asia

Reimagining the customer experience is especially difficult for Asia’s CEOs and senior executives. It’s harder for them to justify a radical overhaul of product or service delivery because, unlike those in the more mature markets of Europe and North America, their organisation is likely to be growing rapidly. (read more)

Cyber Security and the Board

You don’t have to be on the board of TalkTalk or Carphone Warehouse for cyber security to be at the forefront of your mind right now. The reality is that no company is immune to hacking and executive and non-executive directors need to address cyber risks thoroughly by asking the right questions. (read more)

Managing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Having grown up with broadband, social media and smartphones, millennials expect instant results and are often turned off by rigid corporate structures and siloes. As the proportion of millennials in the workforce grows, leaders are having to rethink traditional organisational design and management styles. (read more)