The Future of Private Equity

The rules for creating a successful business haven’t changed since the crash of 2008, it’s just become a lot harder to get away with running a company badly. Criticaleye’s inaugural Private Equity Retreat brought together dealmakers from around the world to find out just how companies are being built in the right way to achieve lucrative exits. (read more)

Who Defines Company Culture?

The importance of company culture becomes clear when things go wrong and suddenly everyone is asking for the CEO’s head on a platter. A failure to innovate, poor governance and a lack of cohesion between divisions are all signs that something is rotten within an organisation. Putting it right isn’t easy, but change can only come from the top. (read more)

All Change for Divisional CEOs

The skill-set of the divisional CEO is changing. It’s always been a highly demanding role, but it now requires the ability to respond to greater shareholder scrutiny, while also dealing with the complexity of balancing the operational and strategic goals of the business, often at a local, regional and global level. (read more)

Leadership in a 24/7 World

It takes a certain kind of individual to manage teams across multiple territories. Apart from being able to laugh in the face of jet lag, these business leaders must be brilliant communicators, using technology to stay in touch with their teams while also knowing the value of making those face-to-face meetings. What’s clear is that the complexity, not to mention pressure, of being a global leader shouldn’t be underestimated. (read more)