Taking the Lead on Risk Management

With payday lender QuickQuid following High Street travel icon Thomas Cook onto the latest list of corporate failures, CEOs may be left asking ‘who next?’ To navigate this uncertainty, business leaders need an approach to risk management that provides visibility and helps them make better decisions, more quickly and with fewer regrets. (read more)

Tackling Climate Change and Sustainability

To many executives it might seem that the Sword of Damocles hangs over their businesses when climate change is mentioned. As time moves on and public concern over the environment deepens, organisations that are failing to embrace the issue and take responsibility should rightfully feel a sense of impending doom. (read more)

The Board’s Role in Navigating Change

A good Board will ask leadership teams difficult questions about how a business is going to retain its competitive edge. Who are the new market entrants to watch? Where is the next wave of disruption coming from? In what ways will the company invest in technology? (read more)

Influencing the Board as CFO

Today’s CFO has much to contribute in the boardroom beyond providing assurance over the numbers – they can spot business opportunities, contribute to talent plans and provide a fresh perspective on performance. However, to exert real influence they need to build strong relationships with the non-execs and step out of the CEO’s shadow. (read more)

How to get Strategic Workforce Planning Right

With the continual advance of technology and the disruption it can generate, business leaders are facing questions around workforce requirements and how they can best provide for their organisations and employees in a changing world. (read more)