Does Your Board Need a Tech Guru?

The technology gap in boardrooms needs to be plugged. “I would hazard that most public boards spend more time talking about accounting, governance and regulatory change than they spend talking about how future technology could disrupt their company, its products, channels, customers or operational model,” says Margaret Rice-Jones, Senior Independent Director at Xaar. (read more)

4 Ways to Speed Up Culture Change

At one stage or another, most organisations have royally messed up culture change. Common errors include: trying to undertake too much in one go; failing to create a straightforward narrative; and underestimating the need for buy-in from the senior leadership team. It’s not unusual to find a combination of all three occurring at once. (read more)

How to be a Disruptive Influence

Complacency is the number one reason boards find themselves gazumped by disruption. Directors become so accustomed to success that it seems impossible for them to imagine how their empires can come tumbling down. This inevitably results in them failing to react as a market changes. (read more)

Keeping Your Senior Leadership Team Aligned

Alignment in the senior leadership team is only of value if a chief executive is open to debate and discussion. Anything less and an ‘aligned top team’ will merely serve as shorthand for a group of executives who either meekly obey a CEO’s every whim and command, or who nod politely and then pursue their own agendas. (read more)