Beware the Lazy Thinkers

“The rise and fall of empires is dramatic in the consumer and industrial technology space,” says Andy Griffiths, CEO of the Consumer Appliances Division at Glen Dimplex. “Getting teams together to continuously challenge and reappraise your market, which changes every day in this digital world, is fundamental.” (read more)

How to Strengthen the Leadership Team

Should the leadership team shift every time an organisation encounters change? It’s a question many CEOs and boards grapple with, because it’s certainly not clear cut. One thing we do know is that every business needs a complementary team of individuals to lead it to success. (read more)

A Question of Culture

Whether it’s covering up financial black holes or ignoring consumer wellbeing, a company’s poor decisions are often the result of a profit-crazed culture and a board that has failed to temper it. This is something UK non-executive directors won’t fail to have noticed from the series of recent corporate exposés. But what can we learn from them? (read more)

Balance in the Boardroom

A good chairman will not allow a board to be dragged down by an ‘us and them’ mentality between the executive and non-executive directors. “Getting the balance is often the hardest thing for a board,” said Richard Gillingwater, Chairman of SSE and Henderson Group, at Criticaleye’s Non-executive Director Retreat. (read more)