SME - Stoking the engine room for growth - 27 October 2010

Comprehensive cuts have dominated recent UK headlines meaning reduced public sector funding for much of Britain’s small- to medium-sized enterprises (SME). Of the 4.8 million businesses in the UK, 99 per cent are SME, which collectively employ 50 per cent of the UK workforce and contribute £1.5 trillion to the GDP. But should banks do more to support ‘the engine room of the economy’? And what incentives could the UK government introduce to encourage entrepreneurial enterprise? (read more)

From Divisional CEO to Group CEO- 20 October 2010

The path to the ‘corner office’ is different for every executive. Some are hired into companies to become chief executive, while others (although this is becoming more rare) move their way up to the Big Job through the divisions. (read more)

Africa: A new frontier for business? - 13 October 2010

A continent with a population of just over 1 billion people and with an abundance of natural resources should have a bustling economy with organisations knocking the door down to get a piece of the action. However, Africa has been rife with political and social instability (much still ongoing) and thus often makes headlines for the wrong reasons. (read more)

A New Route to Capital Markets - 6 October 2010

Since April this year, UK and overseas companies issuing shares on the Official List have been able to choose either a Premium or Standard listing – the latter providing the prestige of a Main Market listing while being subject only to the minimum EU requirements. But growing businesses wishing to raise money and float in London, free of the Premium listing’s added compliance, already have an option: the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). So does the Standard listing represent an alternative to AIM, a threat to it, or simply an additional route to a public listing? (read more)