Public Sector Cuts - 28 October 2009

The upcoming General Election, and inevitable flurry of spending cuts this will bring, are weighing heavily on public and private sector organisations. As well as cutting costs, organisations will need to improve efficiencies. Leaders in the sector are facing a tough challenge, not only in terms of budgets but also the probable backlash to job cuts, reduction in public services and the quality of those services. (read more)

Africa: World Markets Update - 21 October 2009

Like Brazil featured a couple of weeks ago, the sub-Saharan African economy is set for significant growth in 2010. According to experts, this continent has huge potential and, as its population becomes wealthier, the opportunities for business development will increase. (read more)

EU Regulation: World Markets Update - 14 October 2009

Regulation is clearly going to be a high priority for the EU in the aftermath of the economic crisis. But what form will it take and how will regulation impact the economies of member states? (read more)

Brazil: World Markets Update - 7 October 2009

Brazil is now out of recession, and as experts have predicted, is set to achieve high levels of growth. A sound infrastructure and relative stable political landscape mean that Brazil's economy can now thrive on a global stage. (read more)