Challenging Performance as an HRD

HRDs play a crucial role in driving performance within today’s businesses. They identify skills gaps, nurture talent and hold a mirror up to the prevailing culture. However, to have the most impact they also need to challenge those at the top table. (read more)

Keeping Hold of Reputation in a Crisis

Failing to own up to mistakes usually makes situations worse and often ends badly. For businesses operating in a culture dominated by social media and 24-hour news cycles, any inadequacies in confronting and dealing with a crisis will be given short shrift by a voracious media, public, and often by competitors too. (read more)

Aligning the Board on Strategy

At Criticaleye’s recent NED Retreat, almost half (49 percent) of the non-execs present felt unable to say their Chair, CEO and CFO were fully aligned on strategy (up from 26 percent two years ago). Indeed, a concerning 15 percent said they were only aligned to ‘a minor extent’. (read more)

The Global Outlook for 2020

Political and economic turmoil prevailed in 2019 and looks likely to continue into 2020 as tensions in the Gulf and relations between the USA and China cause uncertainty. However, opportunities remain for resilient and committed businesses. (read more)