How to be an Effective Regional Leader

Anyone stepping into a regional or divisional leadership role in Asia for the first time is going to experience a mixture of excitement and no small amount of trepidation. However, provided you keep a few basic principles in mind, there’s no reason why you can’t be successful. (read more)

Getting Closer to the Business as a NED

Gaining a true understanding of how an organisation functions can be a tricky undertaking for a non-executive director. They can’t allow themselves to get so close to the day-to-day operations that they undermine the authority of executives and the value of their own independence, but they do need to know that conversations in the boardroom line up with reality. (read more)

Avoiding Corporate Myopia

A leadership team can be full of bright and experienced execs, but unless they keep an eye on how the trading environment is changing then the business can get left behind. Leaders need to use innovative ways to encourage knowledge sharing and expand their field of vision. (read more)

Avoiding Burnout in a High-Growth Business

The nature of a rapidly-expanding business means it can be hard to find the time to pause and review leadership capability. But without the right people in place growth can quickly fizzle out. Boards must review their top teams for energy, self-knowledge and the ability to take operations to the next level. (read more)

The Global Outlook for 2019

The political turmoil that characterised 2018 shows no sign of abating, and as we edge towards the end of the current economic cycle there could be more uncertainty ahead. However, there are still opportunities on offer, particularly for tech-enabled, global businesses. Execs need to remain resilient and ready to invest wisely. (read more)